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Directions of Love

by Lorna Collins, Sherry Derr-Wille, Luanna Rugh, Christie Shary

Category : Anthology / Romance
Series : Aspen Grove Romance Anthologies (Book 3)
Trade Paperback : 412 Pages
Publisher : Independently published
Publication Date : January 5, 2020 (2nd edition)
ISBN-13 : 978-1655803000
ISBN-10 : 165580300X
Size : 6 x 0.9 x 9
Price : $15.00 (eBook$2.99)
  • EPIC ebook Award 2011 Winner
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About the book

Best friends Kimi, Melinda, Jacque, and Lilianna grew up in Aspen Grove, Colorado, but went in separate directions after high school. Now they’re invited to their twentieth high school reunion. They want to see each other again, but will they attend, and what stories will they have to share?

Finding Love in Paradise by Lorna Collins
When Kimi McGuire goes to Honolulu to discover her Hawaiian roots, she also finds Jason Nakagiri, a good-looking Hawaiian surfer who steals her heart. But is he truly the love of her life or just her dream of a soul mate?

Love South of the Border Style by Christie Shary
Melinda Miller falls hard while on a vacation in Mexico, but when Juan Carlos Navarone doesn’t call, she believes her one chance at happiness has died. Is he merely a summer romance as she fears, or can their love survive time and distance?

Love, Wisconsin Style by Sherry Derr-Wille
Jacque Harris dreams of living in Scandinavia working as a translator, but a hasty marriage kills her dreams, trapping her in Wisconsin. Now divorced, Jaque wonders if Bryan Chapman, the guy she meets in the grocery store, may be the man of her dreams.

Love Under the Northern Lights by Luanna Rugh
Lilianna Anderson left town in humiliation the day after high school graduation, vowing never to return. But her mother’s sixty-fifth birthday can’t be ignored. When she runs into Russ Anthony, the high school sweetheart who betrayed her, can she forgive and find love again?

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Readers Favorite

"Directions of Love" is an anthology about four women that each take a different direction in their lives after graduation. Kimi McGuire, Jacque Harris, Melinda Miller, and Lilanna Anderson grew up in Aspen Colorado and were best friends from kindergarten through graduation. The Fantastic Four were ready to save the world. They each received an invitation to their twentieth high school reunion, but hesitate to attend.

After graduation, Kimi returned to her roots in Hawaii to attend the university. She met a fellow surfer, Jason. As their relationship deepened, Kimi questioned whether he was really is in love with her or was she just wishing. Jacque heads off to Wisconsin with dreams of going to Scandinavia, until she meets Darrin. A hasty marriage, two children, and a divorce follow. Now she finds a chance at happiness.

Melinda stayed in Colorado but on a trip to Mexico she met Juan. Is this just a summer fling or does he really care for her. Lilianna headed to Alaska right after graduation, vowing never to return. But a party for her mother's 65th birthday was impossible to refuse. When she meets up with her old high school sweetheart, Russ, who betrayed her, will she high-tail it back to Alaska?

Will they all show up at the reunion, even though their lives turned out differently than what they expected? This is another excellent anthology written by four fantastic authors. It is easy to recommend “Direction of Love.”