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The McGregor Chronicles: Book 9 – Kaùsan’s Trap

by Larry K. & Lorna Collins

Category : Science Fiction
Trade Paperback : 183 Pages
Publisher : Independently published
Publication Date : March 15, 2021
ISBN-13 : 979-8432838162
Size : 6 x 0.42 x 9
Price : $12.99

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About the book

Zyrah Duban-McGregor, the sole survivor and only direct heir to the Duban fortune, along with her aunt and her aunt's children, is forced to hide on the planet Kaùsan as her uncle and his brother intend to kill them and take over ownership of the Duban corporation.
Geologist Katia Cummings is sent on an illegal secret mission to Kaùsan to find molybdenum mining sites. An accident leaves her and aide, Cora Kanaka, trapped a thousand kilometers from the nearest help.
Second Lieutenant Amber McGregor, on the planet to repair a damaged shuttle, is pulled into a search for missing geologists, only to find herself in a larger battle to help Queen Kaùsan retain her crown and save thousands of trapped aliens.
Can each escape Kaùsan Trap?