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The McGregor Chronicles: Book 6 – Queen's Gambit

by Larry K. & Lorna Collins

Category : Science Fiction
Trade Paperback : 132 Pages
Publisher : Independently published
Publication Date : June 3, 2019
ISBN-10 : 1072078074
ISBN-13 : 978-1072078074
Size : 6 x 0.3 x 9
Price : $12.99

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About the book

When two Federation diplomats go missing on the planet Kaùsan, in the Triangulum Galaxy, Marc and Zyrah McGregor, along with an old nemesis, Judge Advocate General Craig Larson, must join forces to rescue them before the two are infected by a mind-wiping virus and their bodies taken over by an alien intelligence. Will they be in time? And can Marc and Zyrah prevent JAG Larson from discovering the illegal nanomedical robots, which he thought were destroyed, are still living hidden inside the McGregors?