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The McGregor Chronicles: Book 2 – Escape from Eden

by Larry K. & Lorna Collins

Category : Science Fiction
Trade Paperback : 144 Pages
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date : May 26, 2015
ISBN-10 : 1512339091
ISBN-13 : 978-1512339093
ASIN : B00Y7CN798
Size : 6x9
Price : $12.95

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About the book

Space freighter captain, Matt McGregor, and his fiancée, Tracy Warren, must rescue her mother, held prisoner by Marinas Christiansen Sorenson, a charismatic faith healer and leader of a religious commune, on a private planet called Eden. They enlist help from Matt’s brother, Marc, and sister, Maddie, along with Jake Stevens, a Federation Detective. Can this unlikely group invade a foreign, possibly hostile, planet, defeat Sorenson’s army, and bring Tracy’s mother to safety?